Coaching is a way of developing a high performance environment in the work place and has become common practice around the world in high performing businesses. It is about helping people to perform to their best through effective feedback and the asking of meaningful questions. That way, employees get to feel better, grow and perform at their peak.

The Coaching Network is an online discussion group intended to support, embed and make such practices to be part of every leader’s style. The Network brings together corporates from different professions to share and learn from topical issues affecting organizations. The essence is to improve HR practices, leadership footprints and to generally improve performance at the workplace.

Currently the network has a membership of 850 – of this, we have about 100 CEOs, 300 HR managers, 300 line managers (other professions), and 150 junior talent.

With the Coaching Network, it is like having a personal Coach right below your finger tip and I recommend it to any business that cares about performance.

To have you (r) organization sign up for The Coaching Network, send an email to: or call 0752 611 523.

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